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they could have been. sean: do you want her to be contrived? we tell people the topics for the panel. i don't tell them but i get honest answers. >> you can be candid but effective. you talk about transparency. no one knows what this means but responsibility. changing a single word. s>> towards of the end of the campaign, the press reports quote a campaign assistant calling you a defect, a narcissist, why do you think they were trying to destroy your reputation? >> for many people, this is the business.
12:04 am
failure in this business will reflect poorly on them, they have to protect themselves and their reputations. i will take the blame. i know at the end of the day what the truth is and if it makes them feel better to say that she is the one who caused the downfall because she had a lousy interview, so be it. >> she could have used a great phrase, that is the box stops here. that is why so many people still hear what she wants to say and support her. the other aspect is that she could have pivoted to why politics in america is so broken. what people are so intense and angry and divided that we cannot have a civil to vacation anymore. >sean: are read the book.
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the stories where she tells about her father. it takes her hunting, they kill amos before she goes to school. the father takes out the warm eyeballs of the moose. i'm thinking, most people purchase their package to meet so they don't understand the reality of where our meat comes from. alaska, is if she is more real than people who are "trained, sophisticated." >> that stupid television show of real lives of housewives, that is not real. that is not real. she is real. she has to set the context. >> here is the big question, do
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you ever want to be president of the united states? >> that is not on my radar screen right now. when you consider some of the ordinary turning into extraordinary things in my life, i am not want to predict what will happen in a few years. my ambition, my desire is to help our country in whatever role that may be. i cannot predict what that will be. >> she used the word ambition. if she had said passion or commitment, it would have had a completely different reaction and people would pay attention to that. sean: you are really good at what you do. you advise people on how to deal with the media. this is one of the things she talks about in the campaign is that she could not be satirized. if she was to listen to you, that should become and little
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bit contrived, can't? >> she became contrived because of what was done to her. >sean: wasn't a that real what you just saw? >> people don't think about the power of a language that they use. people form immediate judgments based on a single word or phrase. sean: if i was giving you advice, i would say to pick out that coat and tie. >> this is the most expensive and nice suit that i own. i am out of here. we will make a youtube moment. sean: do you believe that she could be elected in 2012? >> i don't know. if she was to remove the 5% that caused people to stop and replace it with something that connects them that much more and she becomes a powerful candidate.
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if she does not do that and allows networks to cut in on her, they will have challenges. people still care about her because everyone is buying her book. sean: it is a huge best seller. >> don'don't forget the first interview for the full hour tomorrow night here on "hannity ." still, much more to come tonight. >> it is a wee bit degrading. sean: is this cover sexist? jimmy carter has no regrets about his actions during the iran hostage crisis. dick cheney is not backing down, he slams president obama for protecting weakness in asia.
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all of that plus dana perino, call rove, and our great american panel.
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sean: president obama's radical policies are working like imagine nick one -- like magic in one sense. poll numbers plummeting among independents since last month. 45%, down from 52 ers% in october. -- from 52% in october. if you keep this up the republicans will thank you nor
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paving way for big victories in 2010. dana perino a
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sean: for me personally, this is a bit degrading. newsweek should be more policy oriented, more substance oriented. sean: they used it for a specific purpose to feature well-known runners and promote fitness amongst its readers. "runner's world," said that they did not give the image.
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it was provided by the photographers stock agency without the knowledge or permission of runner's world. it is standard practice for them to strike images that have appeared on other magazines. joining us is dana perino and stuart varney. she said that the out of context newsweek approach is sexist. >> i think this is sexist, demeaning, degrading. they knew what they were doing. they were making sexuality part of her performance. if this had happened to someone on the left, some feminist organizations would be screaming about it. they chose to cover that was not interesting. they applied the same process to
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any public figure. oh really? how would thatthey have depicted john edwards? >> that is deliberately demeaning. they cannot tolerate her. she is the mother of five. she is the mother of a child with down's syndrome. on she shoots things. she takes things had gone. they cannot tolerate this kind of woman so they demean her and her agenda. sean: i think that she has paid a price. i have been around her a lot and i think that she has paid an unfair price for these unfair tax. >> the sheer volume of these
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attacks has had an effect. a lot of people, if sarah palin can run and win, look at the publicity that she gets. i don't know if she can do this again. >> there is a special burden for women in politics. this burden is even greater. the great thing is that she is on a wonderful book tour. she will tour the country. newsweek cannot find a photograph that would work, they had to steal one from "runner's world," magazine. she could get 10,000 women and men to come and hear her speak at the drop of a hat. sean: we will spend a lot of time on issues tomorrow. i saw a couple of
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interviews and it occurred to me that there were many things i did not know. is there any instance that we can find that this has happened to a liberal woman? >> that is a good point. obama knows that no matter -- no matter how good she looks in a skirt or brandishing a gun. can you imagine them saying this about any other woman? what we are witnessing is the continuing decline of the mainstream media. let's be honest, we know why they did this. they wanted to create controversy, they want it to [inaudible] sarah palin. sean: they are using her. >> it is a silly magazine. >> has this created electricity
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around her? you have been close to sarah palin, there is a buzz around her. >> i happen to many political events but i have never seen a reaction to any one candidate. there is no reaction to any republican or conservative than there is to sarah palin. >> the word used most often to describe her word that she is trustworthy. that is not saying that everyone thinks that she could be present. sean: i think that both of you would be a good ticket. >> to the prom maybe. >> thank you. sean: what is the net result of
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this? will there be a backlash? >> against what? against newsweek? sean: against all of the palin haters. it is not based on substance. >> they are afraid of her. when she goes after obama on the economy. when she starts doing that, when you listen to what she's saying about the issues, that is what -- sean: i will ask her questions and let her answer in her own words. no one has interviewed her and allowed her the opportunity to talk about significant issues and people can judge for themselves. >> she can't talk about whatever she wants. >> i used to respect
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sean: tonight in "hannity's america" conservatives are not the only ones who think the stimulus package was a colossal failure. the naacp, the afl-cio and la raza are complaining the stimulus has not worked and the president must do more to fight unemployment. with unemployment among
12:25 am
african-americans above 20% in several states, senior naacp official hillary shelton told "the new york times" "it's time for us to really stoke this issue up. " put the groups say they are not picking a fight with the president but pressuring him in ways he wants to be pressured. i'm sure. and another key element of the obama administration, stimulus plan, is backfiring in a major way. according to a treasury department report, millions of americans may have to repay part of the making work pay tax credit. you may remember the so-called tax break was one of the white house's top talking points on the stimulus plan. >> the making work pay tax credit which gives $800 for a working household, as i said, helps 95% of working families. and it is the most workers, as the president said, the most workers to ever receive a tax cut in the history of this country. during the recovery period, making work pay, is expected to put $100 billion into the pocket of hard-working americans.
12:26 am
sean: guess what, robert? 15.4 million americans may have all that money taken right back out of their pockets. now, the treasury's inspector general for tax administration says because of this credit, taxpayers may have had too little withheld in 2009. and may be forced to repay the i.r.s. when they file in 2010. somehow the anointed one has found a way to disguise tax hikes as tax credits. simply amazing. >> and now it's time for great moments in liberal foreign policy. sean: and former president jimmy carter is engaging in one of his favorite activities, revisionist history. now, the peanut farming president tells the a.p. that he has no regrets about his actions during the low point of his presidency. and that is the iran hostage crisis of 1979. in november of that year, radical militants stormed the american embassy in tehran, and took 52 american hostages while president carter begged and
12:27 am
pleaded with the ayatollah. you wouldn't believe what carter had to say about that. "obviously if i had rescued the hostages, or they had not been taken, i would have been re-elected." oh, right. he was doing such a great job on the economy and a great job as president. just until that little incident derailed everything. and barack obama's popularity is not just tanking here in the u.s. he's also losing support in europe. now, the popular german news magazine der spiegel published a scathing rebuke of the president under a glaring headline that reads "obama has failed the world on climate change." the magazine says "barack obama cast himself as a citizen of the world when he delivered his well received campaign speech in berlin. but the u.s. president has now betrayed this claim in his berlin speech, he was dishonest with europe." i guess the rest of the world is starting to see that barack
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obama has a little bit of trouble keeping his word. and that is the news tonight from hannity's america and coming up, an eagle scout has come under the crosshairs of the sciu. you won't believe why. you won't believe why. we'll tell you that outrageous pothole:h no...your tire's all flat and junk. oh, did i do that? here, let me get my cellular out - call ya a wrecker. ...oh shoot...i got no phone ...cuz i'm a, bye! anncr: accidents are bad. anncr: but geico's good. with emergency road service. ding!
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sean: and barack obama is currently in the middle of his first visit to asia as president. and his behavior overseas is raising some serious national security questions here back home. the image of the american president bowing before the emperor of japan has been seen in every corner of the globe. and former vice president dick cheney is speaking about the controversial exchange saying there is no reason for an american president to bow to anyone. our friends and allies don't expect it. ouren miss see it as a sign of -- our enemies see it as a sign of weakness. we have karl rove. is it a sign of weakness, karl? >> absolutely. i think it's even seen as such
12:33 am
in japan where i've talked to people who are japanese, cultural experts, and they say look, a minor nod to the emperor is seen as an act of respect by the japanese. but to bow, so deeply to the waist, 90 degree angle, is seen as an act of subservience. for the president of the united states to act in that manner is just degrading. sean: i'm sorry. go ahead. >> you know, it would be bad enough but that's only one of several things that he's done on this trip which have sent the wrong signals. particularly within asia. sean: and you would think he would have learned after bowing to the king of saudi rabe. -- saudi arabia. is there anyone advising him on any protocol? >> well, i thought it was remarkable the way the white house press corps was brushed off on this issue by the white house press spinmeisters saying basically go get lost. this was the right thing to do. they ought to be at least consistent.
12:34 am
they did not bow to the queen of england and we got a special relationship with her. and with her country. yet they bow to the emperor of japan. i just don't get it. sean: and i would argue that they're bowing at the altar of socialism. but that's a separate issue for another day. i think one of the more troubling aspects of this entire trip is that we've got to get lectured by the communist chinese on the merits of capitalism. because they are buying our bonds and are concerned about the future value of american currency. >> well, yeah. and, you know, they are worried about that. they want american capitalism to be strong so they can get their money back. but look, they're also laughing at us. for example, the president gave -- they hyped this supposedly freewheeling town hall meeting that was going to be at the museum of science and technology. and it turned out the audience were a bunch of appear rat chicks -- a bunch of
12:35 am
apparatchuks from the communist youth leak. and other presidents have insisted with meeting with ordinary chinese and not preselected communist party wannabes. you can imagine how the chinese behind the scenes were laughing at the willingness of president obama's people to say we want to meet with ordinary chinese and then to cave when the chinese said no, we want you to meet with young communist party leaders. this is what makes us look weak in the eyes of public action and private action behind the scenes. and again, this is not the only example. there were several others that occurred on the trip including tibet and the question of human rights. sean: how could you have questioned the chinese about human rights when you need their money to fund your massive deficit spending? it doesn't seem something that's possible to me. >> well, president bush talked to them about human rights. absolutely we ought to stand for these universal values. in fact, president obama sort of tried to. he talked about the freedom of religion and the freedom of
12:36 am
expression as being universal rights. but he refused to bring up in a high public way tibet. he made a comment about tibet while he was there. but the amazing thing was the chinese looked at it and said he wasn't even willing to be with the dalai lama in the united states of america. so clearly we can dismiss him here because he won't -- he won't say tough things about human rights. and he won't lay down the law on tibet. they sort of expected us to be tough on those issues. and when -- they take it as a sign of weakness. sean: let me ask you about khalid sheikh mohammed. and we will have these trials in civilian courts. it's going to be a circus. we're going to reveal, i believe, intelligence secrets. i think that will do great harm to our intelligence community. the families are going to have to relive that agony again. i think it's going to hamstring our fight against terrorism. do you see -- and ultimately, because we didn't mile an hour
12:37 am
dies -- we didn't mirandaize khalid sheikh mohammed, he may walk away. >> that's a really bad decision. the -- they put people out there to say you know what? he made these -- he made these public statements in other -- as character witnesses in other cases. mostly involving hamdan, the driver for usama bin laden. in which he admitted the leadership of the 9-11 attacks. so we'll rely on that, they were suggesting, for the prosecution. not upon the statements he gave us. but look, you're absolutely right. your only mistake is you left out one important thing. that is this puts this guy in a gigantic world stage in which everybody in the islamic world is going to be able to see him. and he will be able to achieve the martyrdom that gives him a life after death in the islamic world. you'll notice how he's preparing himself for this. he was a bum as -- when we picked him up in pakistan. looked like a bum.
12:38 am
looked like a did i shelved -- like a disheveled drunk is what he looked like. now in white flowing robes with the beard looking like a martyr and he will use this as a way to inflame sentiment inside the islamic world and create more jihadists to follow in his footsteps. and the administration is going to rue the day that they allowed this to be done in such a public manner and in such an explosive way. sean: i'm going to predict that there will be a political price to pay because it will become a circus. the reason is they want to put president bush, president cheney, and our c.i.a. on trial there to make a political point. and if they do that, and it backfires as i predict, this will not be a good decision on their part. but i don't think they see that yet. >> look, even if it doesn't play out that way, it's a bad decision for the security interests of the united states of america. sean: we're going to be revealing secrets to ouren miss again. >> -- to our enemies again. >> absolutely. sean: what greta van susteran has on the record.
12:39 am
what is it? greta: it's 4.5 million of them. if you look to stick around to find out tonight, like i stick around to hear your first interview tomorrow with governor sarah palin. so i'm not giving you any -- sean: it looks pink. is it my monitor? it looks pink from where i'm looking. greta it's cloink. -- greta: it's pink. sean: that's all you give me? >> tell me about your interview with governor palin and i'll tell you about these. sean: i'll write you later. >> all right. sean: i'll send you an email. i'm text you. -- i'll text you. greta: i look forward to the interview. sean: let not your heart be troubled. when we come back, the great, great, great american panel. @úf@
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sean: and tonight on our great,
12:44 am
great american panel he is a columnist with "the wall street journal," author of how the obama administration threatens to undermine our elections, john fund is back. he is a democratic pollster, fox news contributor, doug schoen is here. and he is a number one best-selling author whose newest thriller is "pursuit of honor." vince flynn is with us. and for the first time welcome aboard. >> thank you. sean: these two are veterans. we know them. all right. so governor palin is out on this media tour. she's got her new book out. you know something about books. it is a massive best seller. before it even hit the bookstores today. why is she so popular and how does that translate, that popularity, do you think, into maybe a political future? >> she's different. she's fresh. people are sick of the same old thing. they don't like the way she was treated during the last election. she has -- she had every bit as much experience, a little different, than president obama. the few gaffes that she said were no worse than vice president biden's. and they just saw her be so
12:45 am
unfairly savaged by the press. it would be different if they did the same thing to biden. if they went after president obama the exact same way. but especially women, they saw the way she was treated. they didn't like it. >> sean, i think there's a gap in american politics. the right and the left are not speaking to the needs and concerns of ordinary people. and to me, very simply, sarah palin is genuine. whatever her inadequacies are, and they're real, people see her and identify her -- identify with her and that's why she's getting the response she is. sean: 40% of the country identifies itself as i am. i don't know why people think i'm a republican. i say it over and over again i'm a conservative. i'm a reagan conservative. 40% of this country is conservative. only 20% identifies themselves as liberal. so she's a conservative. i read the book cover to cover. >> the problem is she hasn't convinced the american people that she's up to par on issues and the graph tass necessary to be a national -- and the
12:46 am
gravitas to be a national leader. conservative or liberal, you have to be qualified. sean: i'll admit the media did not give the same scrutiny to the anointed one, the president, as they gave to governor palin. >> life has never been to fair -- has never been fair for conservatives in america. i think she is getting the last laugh. sean: why? >> she has got a book. a lot of people are going fob reading it -- are going to be reading it and a real person behind the image and she will be giving issue interviews like the one you're doing tomorrow and she will have a second chance to reintroduce herself to the american people. and many think -- she is back and she said i didn't retire, i just reloaded. sean: maybe the campaign did make a mistake. and i knew the people -- >> and she made mistakes, too. sean: first, she's the first to say, because i did see her and i'll get into more details with her about this tomorrow night.
12:47 am
but for example, the couric interview. it turns out that this is what, three, four, five-part interview. they gave her an enormous amount of time. >> and nine minutes out of several hours of tape. sean: one is what newspapers do you read? and she is thinking, well, what you think i'm from alaska and i don't read newspapers? she is obviously an intelligent woman. >> the problem is the handlers should not have let her sit for nine hours. sean: with anybody. >> with anybody. that is just bad politics. and bad campaigning. sean: what do you think what frank luntz just said earlier? 15 minutes, especially if you're a conservative with the liberal media, 15 minutes. live to tape. or live or forget it. >> two cameras, no editing. >> absolutely right. and i can tell you as a professional campaign consultant, you always insist on control of the process. because if you don't, you lose. >> i think the worst part is of those katie couric interviews, i don't think the mccain campaign kept a complete tape
12:48 am
of its own of that whole thing. i would love to see it. i would love to see the entire tape in its entirety. we'll never see that. we'll only see the nine minutes cbs selected. >> i'm not even a political consultant and when i heard she would -- that katie would be the first interview, i thought this is the same katie that tears presidents apart. people who have sat in that oval office. and i thought something's got to be up here. they've agreed to sit down with her. i had -- nothing against katie. but that wouldn't have been my first interview. sean: charlie gibson was. i was the second. and then katie was third. >> there's no reason to even do katie at that point. the debate was coming up. they didn't need to do it. and to put her unprepared, really, made no sense. >> and the other thing that was hard is she was now having to adapt to senator mccain's positions. she couldn't voice her hone positions. she now had to voice his positions. sean: otherwise it will be seen as a conflict within the campaign. that's a good point. >> and having the last laugh, she may never run for president
12:49 am
again. she is still going to be an incredible force in american politics because her pac is bringing in money. she sent out email donation requests and she will be supporting a lot of candidates who share her views. she is going to be a major force in american politics. you can do an awful lot in this country for the public good without ever being president. and she may prove that. sean: i think there's going fob a lot of -- going to be a lot of see, i told you sos, president barack obama's extremism, socialism, rad -- radicalism. you admit he's a radical. >> sarah palin is the only consistent coherent voice who can command broad national consensus. are you announcing your candidacy tonight, sean? sean: you would vote for me? >> absolutely. sean: you would not vote for me. >> you're honest. sean: would you vote for me? >> i'll think about it. >> lou dobbs is ahead of you. sean: dobbs is running. >> right now i would based on
12:50 am
the people who are going to run. sean: we'll come back with more from our great, great american
12:51 am
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12:54 am
sean: and we continue now with our great american panel. all right. we have the president, let's see, create or save jobs. let's see, they are finding jobs, doug, in congressional districts that don't exist. they have lost 4 million jobs since a year ago. and they are telling the american people they have created all these jobs. is that a lie? >> yeah. that's what david obey, the chairman of the oversight committee said, a ranking democrat. and, sean, it also points out that we don't have a real policy to promote employment. we're not stimulating the economy. we got to cut the payroll tax. we have got to offer tax credits for real jobs that are lasting.
12:55 am
not phony jobs that don't exist. sean: you are a democrat. where is your party saying the very things you are suggesting. >> they are not. that's the problem. you saw what happened at the elections a couple weeks ago. that was a warning sign. john fund knows it, i think vince knows it. sean: i know it? >> you know it better than anybody. sean: pelosi is in reach of losing her speakership. i believe that can happen. we actually launched on our web site, john, conservative 2010. every state and district it's interactive go, to your state, go to your district. getting positions on every candidate. i don't care if you are incumbent or challenger. we will know where they stabbed. >> sean, in january, the democrats are going to launch universal voter registration. that means it will take everyone on a list from welfare offices to unemployment offices, to driver's license to property lists. they will automatically register these people regardless of whether or not they are duplicates. they are federalize our election systems in four states to adopt universal voter registration.
12:56 am
registering people without them even asking for it i think that's how they are going to win the next election. they are going to change the rules. >> they are losing the monopoly on the media fox news suspect. everybody else on cable is down. talk radio is through the roof. conservative books are selling. liberal perspective books aren't selling. it's all -- >> sean, can you register everybody, can you control the media. but, you know what? if you don't have ideas and you don't deliver for the american people, you lose. sean: here is what i am proposing as a conservative for the republican party. all right. following the ' 3 victories, the gubernatorial races in virginia and new jersey, the republicans won after clinton tried nationalizing health care. that led to '94, first time in 40 years republicans take over congress. they had a peeves paper. on the piece of paper, they had 10 items. they sign their name to the piece of paper. i want to see another contract with america and i want to make it very simple. party of national defense, fiscal responsibility.
12:57 am
eliminate earmarks. energy independence. free market solutions. will it work? >> it would work. we went into the white house in '95 with bill clinton. we took away that agenda and we put the democrats in power for about six years. sean: clinton, to his credit, and there you go, hannity, first nice thing you ever said about me. clinton was pragmatic. clinton changed the end of the avery big government is over. >> he is the survivor. sean: exactly. obama have those instincts? >> it worries me, sean. because i was asked a year ago will he moderate? will he come back to the middle on terrorism? will he not go after the cia? sean: well? >> i'm shocked. he is doing it. sean: i'm not. >> i think what's going on with new york and the k.s.m. deal and the trials it's a back door to the cia. they couldn't do frontal attack. they are going to go around and have the aclu do their dirty work in a public courtroom. sean: they are doing it both ways. they are trying to investigate
12:58 am
them. they have had open hostility with the cia. they are going to put the cia on trial. intelligence on trial. reveal enhanced interrogations, evidence they acquired is not going to be admissible, john fund. sean, the only thing that will change them and force them to moderate is approval rate of 40% or below. at that point they will be panicked, however, remember right now if they pass health care they are going to create hundreds of though sands of new jobs for unionized workers in the service employees union which is heavy with public employees. sean: you think they are going to steal this election? >> they will create the conditions in which you can have the rule book change. you can have lots of people who will get jobs from the public sector and therefore. >> american people than john fund. they are not going to go for policies that increase spending, increase the deficit, and put us at risk overseas. they are not going to do it. the american people are practical, moderate and rationale. sean: so if he doesn't moderate, they lose everything? >> that's exactly what i'm

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